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  • Welcome to TAKO

    Tako Foods Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 by Mr. Wicha Tuchinda, the pharmacist.
  • TAKO's Technology

    The modern laboratory with first-class facilities we currently have, we can.
  • TAKO's Services

    We offers various research works to many international companies.
  • TAKO's Products

    At TAKO, we categorized our product lines into 3 major groups


Higher level safety and quality assurances have become the legal requirements to world market.

Takofoods Industry Co., Ltd.

High-Premium Quality Products from Mangosteen

Tako Food Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading food manufacturer for nutraceutical fruit juice products with more than a decade of experience. Now, we are widely accepted in many countries around the world for our manufacturing skills with international standard.

  • 3 Principles


    The products are new innovation with high true value, as a result of credible scientific researches.

    Knowledge and wisdom accumulated and transferred for a long period of time are integrated to create the best food products. Nutraceutical is the knowledge which has gone through a selective process over long period of time.

    New technology is used to control the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality, cleanliness, safety and environmental friendliness.
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