Modern Technology

From Most Delicacy Research to State of The Art Technology

With the tremendously dedication on medical resources such as doctors, pharmacists, food and nutrition scientists as well as time and capital to disclose the secret of nature that has been hiding in this amazing mangosteen fruit and thanks to the modernized- knowledge, we can extract amazingly natural compound without ruining its freshness Every product we produce comes from the truly understanding in the marvelous value of nature.


Starting from the research procedure based on modern science principle. Numerous researches was specifically design to follow the study planned and lead to the product development to acquire the best quality, good for health and enhancing the human physiological systems. With the complexity of the production process, the most updated technology selected, the modern laboratory with first-class facilities we currently have, we can straightforwardly control the production process and indicate the concentration of xanthones polyphenol compounds in every single drops of our whole-fruit juice, affirm our emphasis on quality that you will definitely obtain the greater purely essence of nature through the fresh mangosteen that fulfills the value of your life for the better mental and body health.



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