What Are Xanthones..?

Xanthones are polyphenolic compounds that occur naturally in various organic materials. There are more than 200 types of xanthones in the nature and the modern-medical scientists nowadays put their interest in researching the health benefits of this amazingly great polyphenolic compounds worldwide. Mangosteen has over 40 types of Xanthones and it is held that,mangosteen is the only fruit that is richest in xanthones among other fruits and the pericarp has the richest concentration of these Xanthones. Always remember that Xanthones occur in only a very limited way in nature and this rich source of Xanthones is what makes mangosteen unique.


Quality Factors

Besides enormous researches from researchers and food science resources which dedicate their best of knowledge to produce our premium mangosteen fruit juice to be the best product for everyone. We create the new standard for the healthy food industry by strictly control the quality on material selection, we select only the best material and totally free from pesticide.



What is ORAC score?

ORAC Score means a made-up score used for measuring food antioxidant, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.


Scientists discover influenza's Achilles heel: Antioxidants

New research in the FASEB Journal opens the door for new drugs that could prevent severe flu-related lung damage

As the nation copes with a shortage of vaccines for H1N1 influenza, a team of Alabama researchers have raised hopes that they have found an Achilles' heel for all strains of the flu—antioxidants. In an article appearing in the November 2009 print issue of the FASEB Journal (http://www.fasebj.org/) they show that antioxidants—the same substances found in plant-based foods—might hold the key in preventing the flu virus from wreaking havoc on our lungs.


"Queen of Fruits" Mangosteen

Celebrated as the “Queen of Fruits” for its good taste and health benefits, particularly the extra healthy substance contained in the rinds, mangosteen rinds are rich in phytonutrients with antioxidant effects. The medicinal properties of mangosteen are abundant. In the old days, mangosteen rinds were dried, ground into powder and boiled to use as medication for diarrhea. When mixed with calcium carbonated water, the powder can be used to heal wounds.