"Queen of Fruits" Mangosteen

Celebrated as the “Queen of Fruits” for its good taste and health benefits, particularly the extra healthy substance contained in the rinds, mangosteen rinds are rich in phytonutrients with antioxidant effects. The medicinal properties of mangosteen are abundant. In the old days, mangosteen rinds were dried, ground into powder and boiled to use as medication for diarrhea. When mixed with calcium carbonated water, the powder can be used to heal wounds.

Today, mangosteen is lauded as an amazing fruit that contains natural Xanthones in its rind with the highest concentrations found in nature. The amounts of both hydrolysable and non-hydrolysable Xanthones contained in mangosteen rind are many times higher than the amount of Xanthones found in other fruits and vegetables. For this reason, Xanthones extracted from mangosteen have attracted the attention of health lovers. Xanthones found in mangosteen are beneficial to our health in a variety of ways:

  • Works as highly effective antioxidant substance.
  • Works as anti-inflammatory substance for senior adults with knee and other joint problems.
  • Relieves allergic symptoms and promotes respiratory system with effective anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Promotes balanced immunity.
  • Reduces the occurrence of oxidized LDL, a bad lipid reacting with oxidants in the cardiovascular system which is a major cause for accumulated bad lipids in the walls of the arteries and heart.

The fact that Xanthones from mangosteen work in various dimensions; mangosteen has been listed at the top of today’s health fruits.

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