Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Products


We design and produce the juices from super fruits and exotic fruits for our customers bottled in glass with private labels up to customers’ preferences.


We offer blended super fruits and exotic fruits in bulk packed up to customers’ preferences.

These products offer tremendous flavor and health benefits. Above all, we also have obtained all required domestic and international sanitary certification in food processing specializing in tropical fruits and herbs. The raw materials are high-premium quality fruits and herbs which are harvested at the peak of freshness resulting in high-bio availability of nutrients and antioxidant compounds. We deploy the unique procedure with each group of fruits and herbs to preserve nutrients and other active ingredients by our scientist team consist of pharmacists, food technologists and food engineers. Due to our extreme care in sanitary food and beverage processing methods and protocols, we have been awarded GMP and HACCP certificates from independent testing laboratory SGS and Q brand from Thai Ministry of Agricultural. On top of that, Tako has also obtained Kosher and Halal certificates.


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