Quality Factors

Besides enormous researches from researchers and food science resources which dedicate their best of knowledge to produce our premium mangosteen fruit juice to be the best product for everyone. We create the new standard for the healthy food industry by strictly control the quality on material selection, we select only the best material and totally free from pesticide.

Freshly From Farm

Every single mangosteen we use, comes from the chemical-free farming and not from commodity market which cannot guarantee the quality of product, moreover, the use of fertilizer and pesticide also affected to our body, on the other hand, TAKO FOODS carefully selects only for the very fresh mangosteen from the Good Agricultural Practice farm employing the Organic Agriculture Procedure which widely accepted for the food safety, totally free from pesticide, make our product very desirable for the world leading markets such as Europe and The United States.

Free From Pesticide

With our attentively concern to the product produced. Every process of seeking naturally raw material is our priority, therefore, we always select only the freshest mangosteen from the Good Agricultural Practice farm employing the Organic Agriculture Procedure, free from fertilizer and pesticide, due to the fact that, the rind of mangosteen fruit has the richest in natural xanthones.To extract xanthones from mangosteen’s rind, it is always important to use the clean and totally free from any chemicals substances. Moreover, the quality inspection in obtaining the raw material to the factory, we have skillful quality control staffs in charging for the chemical residues on the mangosteen’s rind. To reach the highest safety for our customer the chemical residue mangosteen will not be accepted to our production line.

Fast Processing

With the most modernized production process and the skillful staffs specializing in transforming the fresh mangosteen fruit with the tremendously quick production process to keep the nature freshness. Under the hygienic producing factory with the fastest production process, consuming our premium mangosteen fruit juice is to taste the 100% delicacy natural sweetness from the mangosteen flesh, moreover, you will receive the natural xanthones in its rind, we are confident that our premium mangosteen fruit juice will give you the newest experience in consuming supplement for those who cares about their health.

Fix Standardized Methodology

With the renovated production process combines with our research team consist of the nutritionists, food engineer and pharmacists who are in charging for the quality control to ensure our product quality for the essence of natural xanthones. Currently, we have the most up-to-date chemical laboratory which meets the world wide accepted food processing standard. The laboratory staff will examine the amount of natural xanthones in every major production processes, furthermore, we can confidently ensure that there are not many laboratories in Thailand that has the capability of examining the amount of natural xanthones in mangosteen fruit juice product.

Functional Food Design

We extremely consider the product development principles which truly benefit human health with absolutely free from the chemical residue or contamination which make the fruit juice hard to consume more importantly, the human body cannot take the most benefit out of it. On the other hand, we develop our product to support the human physiology with the obviously result for immune system, reduce the allergy symptoms, joint swelling in elderly people. Moreover, we produce our product which closest to the nature as much as possible in terms of its taste, easy to consume, safe and really beneficial for health, even for children.

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