What is ORAC score?

ORAC Score means a made-up score used for measuring food antioxidant, which stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.

ORAC Score allows us to learn that out of two types of food, the one that earns higher ORAC Score means it is better at fighting free radicals. In order to avoid becoming victims of commercial and false advertising, and waste money on buying product with low quality at a high price, it is necessary to use standard tools and methods accepted by other countries to determine the ORAC Score. This allows us to learn the true effectiveness of certain food as anti-oxidants as this is what we are paying for.

It is similar to testing ten glasses of gasoline from different production sources, we cannot tell the difference in quality by simply looking, smelling, or lighting up fire. Thus, it is necessary to find a mean value to be the globally accepted standard. This value can be compared in the form of octane of the ten glasses of gasoline. Then, we can grade the ten glasses of gasoline based on the octane value which can be measured. This enables us to grade the best to the worst quality of gasoline.

Therefore, if we wish to compare the efficiency of food in antioxidating, we cannot simply rely on advertising of such food or decide to buy due to reputation of brand or ingredients specified on the label.

To protect ourselves from becoming a victim of persuasive advertising and spending much money buying low quality products at a very high price, we need to have a standard tool which is internationally accepted in order to find the ORAC score which can identify the true capability of such food in antioxdating within human body. Because we spend our money for this purpose, isn't it?

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